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65 Million years ago, sometime in the late Cretaceous Period Dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Something was to change all that when a radio-active meteor hit the earth, signalling the end of the Age of the Dinosaurs – or so historians and scientists have believed until now.

In 1990 something happened, which changed this hypothesis; a startling NEW discovery… The untimely arrival of the meteor on that fateful day, 65 Million years ago, heralded the start of something more, however, the arrival of something big, something silly.

Caught in the radiation five Dinosaurs mutated. They shrank and found themselves talking. For an untold age these NEW Dinosaurs went about their daily lives having many adventures, seeing new sights and watching as the world around them changed.

The arrival of the
Ice Age signalled yet another change and they found themselves trapped in blocks of ice.

Millions of years passed and so too did th
e legends surrounding these NEW Dinosaurs that was until 1990 following another bout of ice erosion; part of the global weather changes.

Global Warming had arrived and so too had a startling new discovery or perhaps we should say, rediscovery. Whilst out performing scientific weather experiments an arctic survey team noticed a large iceberg off their starboard bow. Seeing the unbelievable through the ice they made efforts to store them in a huge crate, so as to prevent them from thawing out the occupants inside.

What were these strange creatures and why had no-one seen them before now? The team then proceeded to take these strange neo-dinosaurs inside the huge cargo crate back to the
Natural History Museum in London, England, keeping them on ice all the while.

There they remained, whilst historians and scientists alike argued the whys and wherefores of what their next moves should be with this new finding…

… until now.


The Leader


The natural leader of the Dinoswords. He is the trendy one. He is into 70s Disco Dancing, Weird Clothes and Colours. His camoflague colouring is also the gaudiest.


Catch phrase - "I told you I'd be back!"


The Gormet Chef


Although he is the Tyrannosaur of the Dinoswords, He isn't the main fighter, perferring to spend all his time eating. Always hungry, always talking about food.


Catch phrases - "I'm starving!" and "Can you smell food?"


The Tough Guy and Fighter


He is the natural scrapper of the Dinoswords. He does most of the fighting, even more than Arnie, the Tyrannosaur. Likes 60s, 70s, and 80s Rock Music.



Catch phrase - "You looking at me?"


The Mechanic and Inventor


He is the natural maker of the Dinoswords. Creator of the DinoChariot, DinoGlider and all manner of fancy gizmos. He likes to use Tech - Speak.



Catch phrase - "Easy Peasy - Honest!


The Slow One


The slowest witted, dopiest and clumsiest of the Dinoswords. Helps folks inadvertantly. Likes flowers and babies.




Catch phrases - "Oh, heck!" and "Oops!"


Meet The Other Good Guys

Detective Sgt. Restam

The Resident Cop


Detective Sgt. Isla Restam is the young rookie CID officer from New Scotland Yard. Armed and Dangerous, but with a heart of gold and a love of fluffy things.



Catch phrase - "You're Under Arrest!"






Bob Clarke

The Museum Curator


He is the Curator of the Natural History Museum in London , England. Finding the Dinoswords hiding in the main hall he hides them beneath the Museum.


Catch phrase - "It's hard hiding a Dinosaur nowadays!"

Mrs Xetta

The Cleaner


No one ever sees her, but they can tell when she has been there...





Catch phrase - Unknown.

Meet The VillainS
Mucus Membrain
And his Henchmen,
Ninny & Numbskull
J.P. Crass
The Tycoon of Terror and
Restaurant Rackateer
Buster Crabbe
The Cosmic Crustacean & his Army of Spacefaring Shrimp

Super-powered Goon


Mucus Membrain works as Henchman for JP Crass, although he is a freelance goon-for-hire. With his two incompetent side-kicks he is a formidable enemy.


Catch phrase - "Shuddup - I'm da brains of dis outfit!"






Prof Von Stopwatch
undt his Stoppen-Clocken

Austrian Clockmaker


Professor Viktor Von Stopwatch owns a clock repair shop, but has secretly been working on a Time Machine in his Austrian Workshop. With it he means to control all aspects of time.


Catch phrase - Ve do not haf time for all zis!"






Mister Big


J.P. Crass is the owner of a series of Restaurants amongst his other 'Businesses', which are fronts for his nefarious naughtiness and other none-nice enterprises.


Catch phrase - "I'll make Dino-Burgers out of those Dinosaurs!"






Professor Mechs
And his amazing Mechs-Men

Tutor - Scientist - Designer


Professor Mechs runs a school for Talented Robots. A cyborg himself, he is intent on training an army of Atomic Automatons. He seeks revenge on education whom he feels let him down.


Catch phrase - A mechanical heart is a work of art!"






Piratical Piscean


Buster Crabbe aka The Atomic Arthropod wants total domination of all meat life by fish aided by his aquatic army of  shrimps, prawns barnacles mussels and other sealife.


Catch phrase - "When all Meat Life is gone - I shall rule all of Fishdom!"






Arthur Ologist
The Acquisitive Archaeologist



Arthur Ologist owns a small Museum of exhibits and has a collection of archaic artefacts that he is constantly trying to better. He sees the  potential for stuffed Dinosaurs.


Catch phrase - "If it's old - I want it!"






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