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Check out these Cool Pages from the 12 issues of Original comic book appearances of The DINOSWORDS, As well as some never before seen – not even in The Cretaceous.


In total SIX further, never published before, issues of Dinosaur action packed, fun-filled, humour-riddled adventures, which appear now in the NEW Collected Reprint Edition Book.


Scanned from the original Black & White artwork, with NEW lettering and word balloons taken from the ORIGINAL SCRIPTS written by Tim Perkins and James Hill.


There will be more to show as well, when we are ready to display the NEW Costume and Character Designs and pages from the NEW Books!!!


In the meantime Feel Free to take a look at the Artwork on Display here and if you like what you see (and we sincerely think you will) prepare to Purchase the NEW Collected Reprint Edition Book over at the Wizards Keep SHOP.


ALL ADVANCE ORDERS WILL RECEIVE A COPY OF THE DINOSWORDS A3 POSTER - So place your order now to receive this wonderful FREE GIFT.


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