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Well, it had to happen...


Way back in 1992 the characters first came to life when they landed in the present day from the Cretaceous period, some 65 Million years plus ago.


Check out the reprint book containing ALL their adventures that were published back then, PLUS the ones which didn't see print due to the cancellation of the anthology and some stuff, which ties up all the loose ends. This all leads into the NEW SERIES in development over at Wizards Keep Publishing.


The DINOSWORDS are back and the mad-cap adventure is going to be even more adventuresome!!!

If you like your stories filled with ACTION, EXCITEMENT and FUN with a capital WOW, then these new adventures are going to BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!! In fact to quote Brontson,Hey, Man, they’re off the scales!” Yes, I think his pun was intended.


Wait until you see the NEW costumes and the AWESOME NEW Bad Guys for the NEW series in development…


We can’t wait to show you!!!

What can you purchase from the SHOP?

The Retro-Collection

YES! You can now become the proud owner of the Official The DINOSWORDS Primordial Edition Visit the Wizards Keep SHOP here


The A4 Print

Own the accompanying DINOSWORDS A3 Poster.
Drawn & Coloured by DINOSWORDS co-creator,

Tim Perkins.

Coming Soon


Check back soon for more updates on ALL the NEW DINOSWORDS RELEASES.

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